Raspberry Pi B+ Metal Case



  • With Black Removable Lid and Sides.
  • Product is Supplied Assembled, Shrink-wrapped with 4 Rubber Feet Loose Inside


  • Computers & Computer Peripherals

In the Package

  1. PI Enclosures 2 Piece (Top and Bottom)
  2. 4 Pieces of  M 2.5 x 16  Nut Bolt & 4 mm Bush
  3. 4 Pieces of M 3 Hex Bolt
  4. 1 x M3 Allen Key


This gorgeous and indestructible Raspberry Pi Case is as awesome as it is functional. Made from metal sheet cut through laser cutting and formed by CNC Press which protects your Raspberry Pi from damage and also keeps your Pi running extra-cool.

This case comes with exact fit for your raspberry. This allows just enough room for the Raspberry Pi to slide down into the case. Any bigger and the Pi would be loose and any smaller it would bind up.

Comes with the following:

Sheet metal Bottom Half of a Pi Case
Sheet metal Top Half of a Pi Case
Clear Plastic/Brass Stand off
Insulating Foam
8 Allen Screws
Allen Wrench