ESP8266 Wifi Stack Expandable – IOT With USB to Serial Coverter

$15.00 $12.00

ESP8266 WIFI Stack is a WIFI module development kit that can help you to prototype your WIFI / IOT products within a few Lua script lines. Based on ESP8266 chip and module built over it, the board is packed with many exciting features at a very affordable price.

Key Features

  1. Smallest and expandable IOT Module Size 25mm x 20mm.
  2. Stackable Architecture.
  3. On Board 3.3V – 800mA Regulator.
  4. Seprate connectors for Programming with USB to Serial Converters.
  5. Flash Mode Jumpers.
  6. External Power Supply with polarity protection.
  7. Breadboard Compatable
  8. All GPIO’s Exposed.


Content of Package

ESP8266 Stack Main Module               1 No

USB to Serial Converter                       1 No

Stackable Boards                                   2 Nos

Stackable Headers 10 Pin                     4 Nos

Jumper                                                     1 No






  • Easy breakout of all ESP07/12 pins
  • Custom designed pin headers take minimum real-estate on breadboard
  • Plug-n-play solution. No external pull-u8266 chip and module built over it, the bop / pull-down resistor necessary.
  • One button reset/program mode selection (short press for reset, long press to enter program mode)
  • On-board 3.3v regulator with appropriate heatsink. ESP8266 can take as much as 300mA, that could mean 0.5W dissipation @5V input. The amount of heat cannot be overlooked.
  • On-board UART (UART0) connector with FTDI Basic com10uf/25v Capacitorpatible pinout for easy programming and debugging
  •   All parts from reputable supplier. 100% tested.

Technical Specifications